Improve information flow and visibility of data, lower your WIP and finished goods inventory, increase on-time delivery and maximize your investment in BPCS!

InventoryNow! for BPCS collects vital inventory receipt, production and shipment data by automating the basic inventory transactions in BPCS and posting them in real time. Each transaction can be configured to match the way you do business, without modifying BPCS programs or changing a line of code in InventoryNow! for BPCS.

InventoryNow! for BPCS lays the foundation for more advanced inventory transactions than the basic 14 transactions in BPCS. For example:

  • Pallet tracking
  • De-allocate / Re-allocate
  • Directed put-away
  • Directed picking
  • Stock rotation
  • Auto replenishment
  • Pick / Ship / Confirm
  • Inventory receipt with costing and vendor performance

Gain a powerful, competitive advantage by lowering inventory requirements in WIP and finished goods. Establish a formidable presence in the marketplace through decreasing lead times, increasing production velocity and continues elimination of information bottlenecks. InventoryNow! for BPCS makes all this possible.

InventoryNow! for BPCS is built on a standard data model for manufacturing, integrating easily with legacy systems and applications other than BPCS. This powerful feature allows you to standardize inventory data collection across your organization, providing additional ROI in your facility and across your entire enterprise.


Faster Information: Cut single transactions from several minutes and several screens to mere seconds, saving you hours

Greater Accuracy: Eliminate keystrokes, reducing errors and saving correction time

Uptime & Performance: The system can be configured to automatically balance loads during heavy usage, such as during shift changes and month-end processing and during automatic fail-over scenarios, such as hardware failure. The system continues to operate when not communicating with the BPCS host or other legacy applications and automatically re-synchs when they come back online.

Faster, Easier Implementation: InventoryNow! for BPCS coupled with Adapter for BPCS, addresses the biggest implementation challenge you face - the integration of real-time inventory data

InventoryNow! for BPCS comes with 14 transactions! Get real time notification at vital points in your manufacturing process. Eliminate wasted time and effort at key points on the plant floor with a process based on real time information. InventoryNow! for BPCS offers 14 easy-to-configure transactions that support efficiency and control.

  • Minimize and control the amount of information to be collected through configurations that automatically recognize the executing device and conform to its particular window size and display format.
  • Recognize each user and provide prompts in the appropriate language.
  • Automatically limit the amount of information collection based on business rules, such as whether an item is lot controlled, container controlled, etc.



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